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About Us ArtDevs  Web programming Team
Long story short

ArdDevs started as a small scale web development company. Through expansion into e-commerce and custom development, ArtDevs grew its team quickly. The growth of company is a direct result of helping our clients win again and again, through long-term partnerships, and a foundation built on reliability.

Our business model is unique. We excel in website development, far surpassing the capabilities of most ad agencies, and yet we also offer everything that those agencies offer.

What do we actually do?

websites for all

Priceless UX
Our web designers deliver the best in modern interactive aesthetics, with masterpieces that leap off the screen, while effectively driving marketing objectives.
Ultra-Light Code
The entire code is thinked for the best performance. The code is write to be easy to understand and to upgrade for futured specs.
With an agile team of strategists, designers, and developers we deliver software solutions that work.

hey,get your website from us

Web Design
A great website combined with a strong social media campaign is the stable foundation of any successful business today. Simply having a website is no longer enough; you need to be dynamic and stand out from the crowd
Watch your beautiful design roar to life, driven by senior level developers who routinely make custom applications work every bit as good as they look.
User experience and interface design we deal with interest beacause is the main connection of the user with the web site.

how we work?

First Meeting
Simply point us in the right direction, and we start exploring. Our project managers ask all the right questions, to zero in on how we can meet the needs of all involved.
Build a wireframe prototype of which focuses presenting your calls to action and understanding the usability of your website. View the wireframe designs in a browser or on a smart phone; interact with and review the prototype at this early stage.
Design concepts with colour schemes, font selections, layout options and image presentation. Like ‘fabric swatches’, these concepts allow again for interaction and review before the more involved development begins.
Web Development
Layout, design and functionality are now assembled to produce a fully functioning system complete with the accompanying visual components.
Now after the web development , you realize there are things you want to change. That’s to be expected and this stage offers you this chance.
and launch ...
The most rewarding part of the entire experience is watching your new site go live. Once you give us the green light, we take care of everything for you.
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